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The fledgling field of medical tourism demands professionalism, ethical edge and increasing effectiveness to cater to the needs and necessities of our foreign friends who are its beneficiaries. With the advancement in technology, end-to-end communication among branches of medicine as well as branches within a specific sector is possible, which would ultimately benefit the customers seeking treatment without hassles. Three Seas Medical and Surgical Private Limited has floated Meditour, which aims to better the field of medical tourism by tapping the best in technology.

The company was started by a team of youngsters with an ethical bend of mind. Started spot free (on an interest-free basis and staying aloof from unfair practices prevalent in all sectors), the company aimed to give full-fledged products to medical professionals and institutions. Success is the sum of love one feels for the tasks one does. Not merely in terms of business achievement but of professionalism and reputation, the company has travelled far and aims to repeat the same in medical tourism

Our Vision and Misssion

Meditour envisages to buttress the increasing professionalism of the medical professionals and institutions in the state by linking the best of them together tapping advancement in technology such as electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth services, and mobile technologies. Linking patients with the professionals who offer the best is far easier now than it has ever been. With all these. It aims to reach the top priority list of customers who seek the best in the field.

Quality enhancement and ethical edge are values more indispensable in the medical sector than they are in areas. These value should be perched above what is usually called customer satisfaction, though relaxation and satisfaction of customers top the list of priorities that meditour has. When a non-native comes to a region with the aim of benefiting from medical tourism, anything short of quality services and treatment would ultimately impair the image of the region as well as the future of this sector brimming with potentials and promises

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