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Science has different opinions about homeopathic system for the treatment of various diseases. Homeopathic medicinal system prescribes products extracted from various plants, animals or minerals. The products could be in the form of sugar pellets, oils, gels, droplets or creams. Red onion, belladonna, mountain herb etc. are used to make homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy is what we would call an unconventional or controversial healthcare system. There is no uniform prescription standard for homeopathy. The treatment is often based around individual assessments and needs. This medical system, without doubt, strays a little from the conventional healthcare concepts.

Most homeopathic products are highly diluted and therefore present no dangerous side effects. But negative health effects has been reportedly rarely in some cases. Nevertheless, many patients have reported significant relief from ailments thanks to homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy in general seems like a quite harmless method and appear to be safe. Even though homeopathic medicines present a low risk of side effects, many scientists still view it under a pinch of apprehension. The reason is that there is still not enough scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of this method.

It is advised to not follow homeopathy alone for big risk diseases and adopt conventional medical care. Homeopathy is widely practised across India. The government of India has undertaken deliberate measures to promote traditional healthcare practises like Ayurveda, siddha, homeopathy etc. This, of course in no means guarantee the healing effectiveness of homeopathy in many clinical conditions. We need more unbiased research to reach a clearer picture in this matter. Even though some random researches have been conducted over the years we need more and better legitimate researches. What we need is more understanding about this relatively unconventional medical field and more data supporting its effectiveness in curing diseases.

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