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Central portal where patients, Medical Tourism providers, hospitals and clinics can come together easily, independently and confidentially in the area of medical tourism

For the last three years, the company has been hardly concerned about the price range of its products or of the materials used to make them. Any concern in that direction would affect the finish of the products, that are deemed to be so qualitative as to be free from toxic elements.

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The fledgling field of medical tourism demands professionalism, ethical edge and increasing effectiveness to cater to the needs and necessities of our foreign friends who are its beneficiaries. With the advancement in technology, end-to-end communication among branches of medicine as well as branches within a specific sector is possible, which would ultimately benefit the customers seeking treatment without hassles. Three Seas Medical and Surgical Private Limited has floated Meditour, which aims to better the field of medical tourism by tapping the best in technology. Mainly Meditour works in sync with the best clinics in all major branches of medicine as well as professionals, including doctors, therapists and specialists and institutions like hospitals, therapeutic centres, wellness clinics etc. Being already in the medical field, supplying qualitative medical products to hospitals and clinics, it aims to reach out to medical tourism bolstered by the experience.